Background Tree Fern Panels

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Tree fern panels are often used for growing orchids, mosses, and other plants on the back of an enclosure.  The structure is open enough for roots to take hold, yet strong enough to stand up to full coverage when plants are grown in.  These hold up well even in very moist environments.  Tree fern panel can easily be mounted to both glass and acrylic.

How to Use It

One option is to cover the entire back of your enclosure with the tree fern panel.  Then, you can cover the tree fern with any mix of plants you desire, which will grow in over time and hide the background.

Another option is to use smaller pieces of tree fern panel along with stone, driftwood, and other materials in your background.  Put the tree fern panel wherever you want to mount plants in your background.  This more advanced method can help you achieve a more natural look.

Sizes Available

We offer several standard sizes and custom cuts up to 12"x24".  So, if you need a specific size not listed, just let us know what you need. Custom cuts are $0.15 per square inch, rounded up to nearest inch. 

If you need a custom size, add the "Custom Size" option to your shopping cart then update the quantity to the number of square inches you need.  Then, tell us what width and height you need in the "Special Instructions" field.

Example of Calculating Square Inches for Custom Sizing:

If, for example, you need a tree fern panel that is 6" wide by 9" tall, multiply 6x9.  This equals 54, which means there are 54 square inches in a 6" x 9" piece of tree fern panel.  Update the "quantity" of the Custom Size Tree Fern Panel to 54.  This will then automatically calculate and update the cost of your custom piece to $8.10.

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