About Us

At BioVivara, we help exotic plant and animal enthusiasts create beautiful, low-maintenance, naturalistic enclosures.  We offer custom acrylic enclosures, pre-made acrylic enclosures, design services, and more.

Our Philosophy

Quality of life matters - for us as humans and for the plants and animals we keep.  We believe enclosures should provide as-close-to-ideal living conditions for captive plants and animals as possible.  But, plant and animal keepers should be able to do this in a way that adds significant value to their lives, too, rather than sacrificing aesthetics for function.

Brief History

Founded in 2008, BioVivara is the result of an idea: plants and animals thrive best in their natural, complex ecosystems.  Therefore, their enclosures should facilitate nature reproduction as closely as possible.
To that end, we evaluated and tested how a modern vivarium could provide the foundation needed for consistent nature reproduction.  As a result, we launched our own line of enclosures in 2012.  

Our vivarium systems are the only enclosures on the market that are specifically designed for nature reproduction, are completely customizable to a user’s specific needs, and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Learn more about our founders and their transition from hobbyists to entrepreneurs in "Our Story".


We are located near Columbus, Ohio.  All of our enclosures are manufactured and hand-finished in our own facilities in the USA.