Water Cycling Kit

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Without proper water cycling, water becomes foul smelling and unsafe for plants and animals. Stagnant water harbors harmful bacteria and parasites and contributes to ecosystem imbalances that lead to an ecosystem collapse within your enclosure. 

Mimic nature by introducing a water cycling system

In a water cycling system, water is circulated with a pump.  The water filters through several inches of soil and substrate and then flows either over the background or behind it (depending on whether you want a waterfall or other water feature). 

When combined with appropriate substrate material, this helps aerate and filter the water.  It also facilitates the growth of beneficial microbes that consume waste and out-compete harmful bacteria and parasite growth.

An ultrasonic humidifier, which breaks water into tiny droplets of mist, helps raise relative humidity and disperse nutrients to plants in the enclosure.  In this way, nutrients are shared with the plants that can use them instead of contributing to algae or other problems.

Water Cycling Kit Includes

  • Submersible 65 gph (gallon per hour) aquarium pump
  • Black tubing and fittings for pump for water circulation
  • Ultrasonic humidifier

If purchased along with any of BioVivara's Living Art Vivariums, we will pre-install the tubing and fittings for you at no charge.