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Micocosm 2013

BioVivara is proud to support the conservation efforts of Tree Walkers International as a vendor at MICROCOSM, March 1-2, 2013.

MICROCOSM is "a celebration of the beauty and uniqueness of ecosystems through the keeping of naturalistic vivariums and aquariums.  MICROCOSM is a new kind of event that brings together enthusiasts from a wide variety of interests--some of them the best specialists from their respective genres--in order to promote overlap between hobbies and celebrate the diversity of the planet on which we live.  The two-day event includes lectures, excursions, workshops, a vendor sale and a live auction.  All proceeds will directly support amphibian conservation through the programs and grants of Tree Walkers International."

For more information about MICROCOSM, including itinerary and vendor list, click here.

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