BioVivara Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal!

After only 18 days, BioVivara reached their Kickstarter funding goal of $4,000 in pre-orders of their new product, the Miniature Orchid Desktop Vivarium!  "Excited doesn't begin to express our feelings," says Rachel Hiser, co-owner of BioVivara.  "We knew we had a cutting edge product, something that no one else had made.  What we didn't realize is that our product would receive support worldwide.  We've had orders from all over the world, as far away as Australia!"

What's next?  BioVivara's Kickstarter campaign ends on Saturday, May 19.  Until then, they will continue to promote their campaign and accept orders for the Kickstarter-only limited edition vivariums.  They will be using the funds raised to negotiate better pricing on materials, purchase necessary equipment for their manufacturing facility, and promotion of their cutting edge line of Rainforest Emulating Vivariums, of which the Miniature Orchid Desktop Vivarium is a part.

Rachel continues, "We are changing the way people see vivariums.  Forget thinking 'inside' or 'outside' the box - we have literally re-imagined the box into a piece of living art."

Want to learn more?  Visit the Kickstarter project here.

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